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Oliver Gluch Oliver Gluch's World of Pinguicula (butterwort) This website is dedicated to the genus Pinguicula (butterworts). Texts are primarily in German, but there is often also an English and a French version. Beside of general information about butterworts, the pages deal with the presentation of many different butterwort species, mostly rare in cultivation. Further cultural information are given and links to other cp organisations and groups specialized in Pinguicula
Marrom Carnivorous plants - forum for fans of insectivorous plants such as dionaea, sarracenia, nepenthes, pinguicula...
Michael Bodri Ferocious Foliage Custom tissue culture lab as well as sales of carnivorous plants.
alain kern carnivorous plants on line is an online nursery offering a wide range of carnivorous plants.
mike wilder Heliamphora Pictures of cultivated Heliamphora. Sale plants to come.
Darwiniana Darwiniana Darwiniana is Czech non-profit organization for growers of carnivorous plants and other botanical curiosities established in 1991. The society associates both amateur hobbyists and enthusiasts as well as professional growers and experts. The society magazine Trifid is published quarterly. Presently the biggest project is called VAMR (Big Atlas of Carnivorous Plants) whose integral part is among others the large gallery of photos and pictures. We also cooperate with partner organizations abroad, sharing experiences and changing magazines.
Portuguese Carnivorous Plant Association Portuguese Carnivorous Plant Association The Association was born for the preservation of these plants. In our website you can find a brief description of every specie that is present in Portugal and also Wild and Cultivation pictures and hints so you can also enjoy these at home. We also have lots of other very important projects.
David Tan Pet Pitcher My personal experience with pitcher plants. Site includes cultivation and propagation guides, information on building a terrarium, misunderstandings about pitcher plants, pictures, resources and more.
Oliver Brodt Motzis World Welcome to Motzis-World. I will show your photos and descriptions about carnivorous plants, especially plants from Germany and Florida.
DW Carnivorous Garden Blog Carnivorous plants hobbyist from Finland keeping a blog about highlights of his hobby.
Pascal Kulms hardy carnivorous plants shop the shop is specialized in Sarracenia and other hardy carnivorous plants. i offer also Bogorchids like Calopogon and Pogonia
Aaron May The Sundew Grow Guides This website is a horticultural guide for growing sundews. The goal of this site is to answer every possible question a beginner sundew grower might ask. However, what makes this site unique, is that each species in the Genus Drosera is covered in detail. Eventually, I will cover every sundew I've ever grown. If you browse through the pages, you will see that almost every possible detail is explained. I normally start of by discussing general facts about the location and group the sundew belongs to, and then I cover all tips that new and experienced growers need to know about the plant. It may take a few years to completely finish it, but I have a lot of valuable info posted already- around 20 pages total so far. I will continually add info as I learn more information. A few collegues of mine have begun a collaboration with me in order to include information about the cultivation and propagation of other carnivorous and tropical plants, like Nepenthes.
Serge Lavayssiere La Page du Grainetier Responsable de la Bourse de Graines de l'Association Fran┴aise d'Amateurs de Plantes Carnivores, Serge Lavayssińre pr╚sente ici 15 ans de passion pour ces plantes extraordinaires. Ses activit╚s pour l'Asoociation (Bourse de Graines, archives complńtes des bulletins), mais aussi de nombreuses photos, astuces de culture,...
lolo Swiss-Carni Forum Suisse de plantes carnivores
Joaquim Blay Detrell Qblay - Plantas CarnÝvoras Intrucciones de cultivo y tienda de CP


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