International Carnivorous Plant Society

September 2018 CPN

The September 2018 issue of CPN is now out.

The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN) is the official publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society. It is published in March, June, September, and December.

Features of CPN include horticultural articles, research papers, field trip reports, conservation news, book and literature reviews, communications from members, cultivar and species descriptions, and meeting announcements.


Contents of the September 2018 Issue 47:3 

  • Drosera filiformis, D. tracyi, and their hybrids: a photo essay — John Brittnacher 
  • In search of Andean Pinguicula — Danel Josu Aranoa 
  • Finding Drosera condor on the Peru/Ecuador Border — Fernando Rivadavia 
  • Hunting and killing plants for science — Barry A. Rice 
  • My experiences over-winter with Pinguicula planifolia — Jim Miller 
  • On the cultivation of Drosera magnifica Rivadavia & Gonella, the Facebook Sundew — Nigel Hewitt-Cooper 
  • Propagation of Drosera magnifica Rivadavia & Gonella in vitro — Manuel Reimansteiner 
  • In vitro culture of Drosera magnifica — Lukas Hausherr 
  • New Cultivars — Stefano Lascialfari and Christina Toole and Mike Wang and Andrea Amici (PDF
  • Farewell to Adrian Slack — Barry Rice (PDF)


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