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December 2017 CPN

The December 2017 issue of CPN is now out.

The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN) is the official publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society. It is published in March, June, September, and December.

Features of CPN include horticultural articles, research papers, field trip reports, conservation news, book and literature reviews, communications from members, cultivar and species descriptions, and meeting announcements.


Contents of the December 2017 Issue 46:4 

  • 12th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference — Damon Collingsworth (PDF
  • Revision of Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) in Chile and Argentina — Oliver Gluch (PDF
  • Drosera huegelii Endl. var. phillmanniana from the Stirling Range, south western Australia — Yves-Andre Utz and Robert Gibson (PDF
  • Drosera hybrida, the next generation — John Brittnacher 
  • I’m not dead yet, re-finding Drosera x hybrida in the wild — Jason Ksepka 
  • The correct name for Drosera intermedia x D. rotundifolia — Jan Schlauer (PDF
  • Erratum: Field notes from Andalucía, Spain - revisited — Jan Schlauer (PDF
  • New cultivars — Sébastien Bonnet and Butch Tincher and Jennifer Lei and Richard Nunn (PDF)


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