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Contents of the December 2016 Issue 45:4

  • Nepenthes nebularum, a new species from Mindanao, Philippines — Geoff Mansell and Wally Suarez (PDF)
  • The search for all of the victims and all of the killers — Douglas W. Darnowski
  • Surviving wild Papua — Arthur Yin
  • A carnivorous plant lover remembered — Laura Del Col Brown
  • New cultivars — Francois Boulianne and Miroslav Srba and Miloslav Studnicka and Oliver Gluch (PDF)
  • The ICPS conference 2016 — Marcel van den Broek

Contents of the September 2016 Issue 45:3

  • Introducing Alex Eilts — Alex Eilts
  • Pinguicula flowers with pollen imitations close at night – some observations on butterwort flower biology — Andreas Fleischmann
  • An account of the Nepenthes species of Vietnam — Richard Nunn and Chiem Nguyen Anh Vu
  • Drosera pauciflora – the queen of the sundews — Robert Gibson
  • Deep in the web, up in the hills: the discovery of Drosera magnifica, the “Facebook sundew” — Paulo Minatel Gonella
  • A tribute to David Crump (1953-2016) — Larry Mellichamp
  • Book review: The Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants — Richard Nunn
  • Book review: Carnivorous Plants: Gardening with Extraordinary Botanicals — Marcel van den Broek
  • New cultivars — Hawken Carlton and Alexandre Letertre and Phil Faulisi and Larry Mellichamp (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2015 (PDF)
  • Erratum Correction of the reference to the basionym Pinguicula longifolia Ram. ex DC. subsp. caussensis Casper — Aymeric Roccia (PDF)

Contents of the June 2016 Issue 45:2

  • A preliminary survey of the taxonomic composition of contents of Nepenthes smilesii Hemsl. pitchers in Bi Doup – Nui Ba National Park (South Vietnam) — Anna N. Demidova and Gregory S. Eremkin and Evgeny O. Shcherbakov and Vladimir A. Zryanin and Nikolay G. Prilepsky (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Jerry Addington and Hawken Carlton and Erio Piacenti and Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Pinguicula ramosa Miyoshi – a botanical review — Hiro Shimai (PDF)
  • Water propagation of the Venus flytrap — Bryn Jones (PDF)
  • Propagating Drosophyllum from cuttings — Mark S. Anderson (PDF)

Contents of the March 2016 Issue 45:1

  • Erratum — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • 11th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference 2016 — Tim Bailey (PDF)
  • The IUCN Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • Sir David Attenborough’s introduction letter for the CPSG website — David Attenborough (PDF)
  • In memory of Steven David Rose — Allen Lowrie (PDF)
  • Niche partitioning in sympatric Sarracenia species at Splinter Hill Bog Preserve, Baldwin County, Alabama — Jacquelyn S. Howell and Ashley B. Morris (PDF)
  • Olfactory prey attraction in Drosera? — Andreas Fleischmann (PDF)
  • An equation for determining percentage of herbivory on Pinguicula moranensis – A correction — Michael Baldwin and Robert Baldwin (PDF)
  • Field trip report: Hybrids at Old Dock Preserve, North Carolina — Mason McNair (PDF)
  • Growing high elevation tropicals: Building a chamber to accommodate cool growing tropicals, alpines, and species requiring cold dormancy — Andrew Norris (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Greg Bourke and Eric Morrow (PDF)

Contents of the December 2015 Issue 44:4

  • Several pygmy Sundew species possess catapult-flypaper traps with repetitive function, indicating a possible evolutionary change into aquatic snap traps similar to Aldrovanda — Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (PDF)
  • Soil pH values at sites of terrestrial carnivorous plants in south-west Europe — Lubomír Adamec (PDF)
  • Is long-term survival of dried turions of aquatic carnivorous plants possible? — Lubomír Adamec (PDF)
  • Hypothesis of mucilage-assisted dispersal of Drosera seeds — Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Literature review: Drosera × eloisiana, not D. × belezeana — John Brittnacher (PDF)
  • Photoperiod regulates Cape Sundew (Drosera capensis) gland secretion and leaf development — Wang Dong-Hui and Wang Dong-Qi and Cui Yi-Wei and Yang Lu and Gu Xiao-Di and Song Wen-Fei and Li Feng (PDF)
  • Second brief piece of information about the species status of Utricularia cornigera Studnicka — Miloslav Studnicka (PDF)
  • How hungry are carnivorous plants? An investigation into the nutrition of carnivorous plant taxa from the Kimberley region of Western Australia — Laura Skates and Adam Cross (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Arnaud Schram and Alexandre Letertre and Axel Bostrom (PDF)

Contents of the September 2015 Issue 44:3

  • Biology of the trapless rheophytic Utricularia neottioides: Is it possible to grow this specialized species in cultivation? — Lubomír Adamec and Andreas Fleischmann and Kamil Pásek (PDF)
  • A floral description and image of the rare natural hybrid Sarracenia ×casei Mellichamp (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (PDF)
  • A floral description and image of the uncommon natural hybrid Sarracenia ×naczii Mellichamp (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (PDF)
  • Accurate labeling of Australian Drosera in cultivation — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • The 241 species that appeared in Allen Lowrie’s Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus — Allen Lowrie (PDF)
  • Field notes from Andalucía, Spain — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Ark of Life reloaded — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Daniele Righetti and John Hummer and Arthur Sanguet (PDF)
  • Literature Review: Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus - Volumes One, Two, Three — Fernando Rivadavia (PDF)
  • Erratum: Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2014 — . (PDF)

Contents of the June 2015 Issue 44:2

  • CPN editors (PDF)
  • Do bears disperse Darlingtonia? — Damon Collingsworth (PDF)
  • The intricate Pinguicula crystallina/hirtiflora-complex — Andreas Fleischmann (PDF)
  • Prey capture patterns in Nepenthes species and natural hybrids – are the pitchers of hybrids as effective at trapping prey as those of their parents? — Heon Sui Peng and Charles Clarke (PDF)
  • Germinating Nepenthes seed: Putting myths to rest — Mason McNair and Jeremiah Harris (PDF)
  • Resolution of the relationships within the North American pitcher plant genus, Sarracenia — Jessica Stephens (PDF)
  • Cultivation of Australian aquatic insectivorous plants — Brandan Espe (PDF)
  • Giant Cephalotus of unknown origins — Dick Chan (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Tobias Sicking (PDF)
  • Carnivorous plant cultivar names registered in 2014 — Jan Schlauer (PDF)
  • Grex names published by the International Nepenthes Grex Registry (PDF)

Contents of the March 2015 Issue 44:1

  • An updated taxonomic treatment of the natural hybrids of Sarracenia L. (Sarraceniaceae) — Ray Neyland and Jennifer Bushnell and Wannee Tangkham (PDF)
  • 11th ICPS Conference 2016 - Call for proposals — Marcel van den Broek
  • Taxonomic Utricularia news — Andreas Fleischmann (PDF)
  • Drosera x Dork’s Pink a man-made pygmy Drosera hybrid between Drosera lasiantha and Drosera callistos — John Hancock and Allen Lowrie (PDF)
  • The 10th ICPS Conference 2014, Cairns, Australia — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • Field tripping with the ICPS a visit to far northern Queensland — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Arnaud Dalmais and Guillem Gutierrez and John M. Kotleba and Robert Co and Matthew M. Kaelin (PDF)

Contents of the December 2014 Issue 43:4

  • 11th ICPS Conference 2016 Call for proposals — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • In memory of Phillip James Mann (1951-2014) — Richard Nunn and Allen James Lowrie and Richard Sivertsen and Robert Gibson and Greg Bourke and Cindy Chiang and Rob Cantley and Diana Williams and Barry A. Rice and Elizabeth Salvia (PDF)
  • The Rehder Boys — Julie Rehder (PDF)
  • Variation in Drosera pygmaea — Robert Gibson (PDF)
  • Pygmy sundews – propagation and cultivation — Greg Bourke (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Christophe Boiteux and Hans Luhrs (PDF)

Contents of the September 2014 Issue 43:3

  • New cultivars — Peter D'Amato and Matthew Hutley (PDF)
  • A reversible smoke-induced secondary dormancy in Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) seed — Timothy Kennell, Jr. and Chuck Robertson and Michael S. Bodri (PDF)
  • New insights into the growth cycle of Cephalotus follicularis — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • The sundew hybrid Drosera xbeleziana found on Long Island, New York — Matthew M. Kaelin (PDF)
  • The life and death of Arthur Dobbs — Matthew M. Kaelin (PDF)
  • Pinguicula primuliflora 'Rose' — Bob Ziemer (PDF)
  • Double-flower of P. primuliflora — Mitsuaki Ban and Koji Kondo (PDF)

Contents of the June 2014 Issue 43:2

  • Call for Volunteers — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • The non-carnivorous leaf of Darlingtonia californica — John Brittnacher (PDF / Supplement)
  • Resolution of the Drosera peltata complex (Droseraceae) — Robert Gibson and Barry Conn and Jeremy Bruhl (PDF)
  • Status of insectivorous plants in northeast India — Praveen Kumar Verma and Jan Schlauer and Krishna Kumar Rawat and Krishna Giri (PDF)
  • Climate change is eliminating Pinguicula macroceras Link habitat in Montana — Natch Greyes (PDF)
  • International Carnivorous Plant Society 2012 Conference Field Trip — Matthew M. Kaelin (PDF)
  • An extended field trip in the USA — Marcel van den Broek (PDF)
  • Growing tuberous sundews — Greg Bourke (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Steve Amoroso and Yuri Sarzi (PDF)

Contents of the March 2014 Issue 43:1

  • In memory of Geoff Wong — Peter D'Amato (PDF)
  • Observations of the natural history and ecology of Nepenthes campanulata — Charles Clarke and Ch'ien C. Lee and Veno Enar (PDF)
  • Cephalotus follicularis cultivars and forms in cultivation – is there a basis for the current naming protocols? — Richard Nunn (PDF)
  • A trip to Mount Trus Madi – the Nepenthes wonderland — Alviana Damit (PDF)
  • New cultivars — Daniele Righetti and Stefano Lascialfari and Sonia Ibelli and Guillaume Bily and John Brittnacher and Djoni Crawford (PDF)
  • Book review: The Savage Garden — Barry Rice (PDF)
  • Cultivar names registered in 2013 (PDF)
  • Literature reviews — John Brittnacher (PDF)

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