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September 2019 CPN

The September 2019 issue of CPN is now out.

The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter (CPN) is the official publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society. It is published in March, June, September, and December.

Features of CPN include horticultural articles, research papers, field trip reports, conservation news, book and literature reviews, communications from members, cultivar and species descriptions, and meeting announcements.


Contents of the September 2019 Issue 48:3 

  • ICPS Conference 2020 — Koji Kondo (PDF
  • In memory of a mentor Don Schnell (19362019) — Barry Rice 
  • Hybrids of world populations of Aldrovanda vesiculosa — Yoshiaki Katagiri (PDF
  • Chemistry and surface micromorphology of the Queensland sundews (Drosera section Prolifera) — Jan Schlauer and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (PDF
  • Book review: Casper, S. Jost. 2019. The Insectivorous Genus Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) in the Greater Antilles — Yoannis Dominguez 
  • The Pinguicula benedicta "puzzle" resolved — Jan Schlauer 
  • The portrait of Pinguicula involuta Ruiz & Pavon in the "Flora Peruviana": A botanic detective story — S. Jost Casper and Frank Hellwig 
  • Growing Drosera murfetii — Mark S. Anderson 
  • The Venus flytrap: how commercial nurserymen and plant conservationists might co-operate to preserve wild populations and avoid a federal listing as endangered — Thomas Gibson and Don Waller 
  • The Florida flytrap mystery is solved — Jim Miller 
  • Green Anole drinking nectar from Sarracenia alata — John Brueggen 
  • A note on Drosera seed dispersal — Jason Ksepka 
  • A fascinating realm — Chris Kim 
  • From nature to sculpture: an artist's journey — Pamela Tripp 
  • Review of recent taxonomic literature — Jan Schlauer


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