International Carnivorous Plant Society

ICPS Store and Seed Bank

The ICPS Store and Seed Bank are on our Membership Website.

The Seed Bank is a member-only seed exchange. To order seed from the Seed Bank, you must be a current member of the International Carnivorous Plant Society and log into the membership website.


The purpose of the Seed Bank is to enhance members understanding and enjoyment of these weird and wonderful plants. The ICPS does not sell seed commercially. The prices charged do not reflect the commercial value of the seed.

Seeds of selected varieties are available free to teachers for use in the classroom and to scientists and conservation organizations. Please contact the Seed Bank manager for more information.

We ship internationally

Our first name is "International" after all. International buyers must know and understand the import regulations for their countries. The International Carnivorous Plant Society relies on its members to inform the society of country-specific regulations so we can help keep members in each country informed. Members are encouraged to contact the ICPS Store manager with country-specific import requirements.

Seed Use Rules

The rules are to make access air to the other 1200 ICPS members who also can order seeds.

Seed Bank FAQ

There may be an answer to your questions Seed Bank questions.


Donating Seeds

The ICPS Seed Bank relies on donations from members to exist. The Seed Bank does not purchase seeds to sell. 

Donate seeds to the Seed Bank

Get seed packet credit.

Seed Import Requirements

Requirements to send seeds to the ICPS Seed Bank internationally.

Use these resources to confirm what you are growing:

There are no guarantees they are correct.

Drosera Seed Images

CP Seed Images other than Drosera

Clean the seeds

before sending them to the Seed Bank.

Hand made envelopes that are easy to make

Use them to collect and store seeds.

Packet the seeds

Do you part to make the Seed Bank possible.