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The wild world of carnivorous plants by Kenny Coogan

Around the world there are more than 600 plant species that supplement a regular diet of sunlight, water and soil with insects, frogs and even rats. Flies, tadpoles and beetles fall prey to the remarkable, predatory antics of carnivorous plants. What exactly are carnivorous plants and how do they trap their prey? Kenny Coogan dives into the world of these flesh-eating tricksters.


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ICPS 2020 Photo Contest

Despite our 2020 biennial conference in Japan being delayed due to corona virus, we still held the photo contest. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm and passion for carnivorous plants is inspiring.

Categories included; Portraits of Carnivorous Plants (a single plant or collection), Carnivorous Plants in the Wild (photos taken of plants in their natural habitat) and People and Plants (Wacky or serious photo of carnivorous plants and the people who love them).

Thank you artists Mindy Lighthipe, Jeremy Miklas and TIES director Bertha Vazquez for being our judges this year. Winners received a 1-year membership to ICPS.

Photo contest curated by ICPS Education Director, Kenny Coogan