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Johann Georg Christian Lehmann

Johann Georg Christian Lehmann (1792–1860)

Johann Georg Christian Lehmann was a German botanist. He was born at Haselau, the Duchy of Holstein, near Uetersen, which was the northernmost state of the Holy Roman Empire, located in the present German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Lehmann studied medicine in Copenhagen and Göttingen, Denmark. He obtained a doctorate in medicine in 1813, and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Jena in 1814. 

Lehmann spent the rest of his life as professor of physics and natural sciences, as well as head librarian, at the Gymnasium Academicum in Hamburg, Germany. A prolific monographist of apparently quarrelsome character, he was a member of 26 learned societies and the founder of the Hamburg Botanical Garden, now the Alter Botanischer Garten Hamburg. Lehmann died at Hamburg in 1860.

Lehmann made a significant contribution to Drosera and described 9 species from the collections of Ludwig Preiss, including the iconic species, D. glanduligera, D. pulchella and D. platystigma.


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Johann Georg Christian Lehmann

Johann Georg Christian Lehmann.