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An account of the antennae-flowered Utricularia

Drosera serpens

Utricularia dunlopii growing in its typical sandstone seepage habitat on the Arnhem Plateau, Northern Territory, Australia. Photo Thilo Krueger.


In northern Australia there grows a most remarkable group of 6 species of Utricularia with flesh-coloured flowers and an upper or lower corolla lip that has transformed into a pair of tall, erect antennae-like flower lobes. These characters are quite unusual for the genus, and there are numerous hypotheses as to the reasons for these adaptions.

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Species covered in the article:

Utricularia albertiana
Utricularia antennifera
Utricularia capilliflora
Utricularia dunlopii
Utricularia dunstaniae
Utricularia lowriei

Richard Nunn. 2022. An account of the antennae-flowered Utricularia of northern Australia. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 51(3):133-142.

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CPN Volume 1 Number 1

Flower of Utricularia dunlopii, Howard Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Photo by Richard Nunn.