International Carnivorous Plant Society

ICPS Achievement Award Criteria

ICPS Lifetime Achievement Award, Hall of Fame & Wall of Honor.

The ICPS chooses to establish three ways of recognizing the efforts of individuals for the field of carnivorous plants in general or specifically in the service of the ICPS. In establishing these awards, the ICPS wishes not only to recognize the efforts of the individuals, but also to draw attention to research into carnivorous plants and the promotion of the cultivation of these plants. The awards are also meant as an encouragement to other researchers and growers, especially the next generation of students and hobbyists alike.

The awards:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    • The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented in recognition of an individual's outstanding leadership and contribution to the field of Carnivorous Plants. This may be achieved in research, cultivation, conservation, or other ways deemed to be above and beyond the everyday with a significant impact on the field.
    • This award consists of a commemorative work of art to be presented to the winning individual as well as an article in CPN.
  • Hall of Fame and Remembrance
    • The Hall of fame aims to recognize individuals that would have qualified for the Lifetime Achievement Award but are deceased.
    • A picture of all winners will be displayed on a special page on the ICPS website with a permanent link to the article in CPN stating the achievements that led to the granting of this honor.
    • A formal certificate stating the induction of the individual will be sent to an appropriate organization that conserves the working life of the inducted individual if appropriate (e.g. Down House in the case of Charles Darwin).
  • Wall of Honor
    • The Wall of Honor is a recognition of long-term service given to the ICPS by individuals.
    • These awards consist of a certificate, placement of a picture with a listing of the provided service on a special page on the ICPS website and a lifetime membership of the ICPS.


Lifetime Achievement Award

  •  Eligibility
    • The ICPS Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes:
      • Natural persons. Societies, companies, etc. are not eligible.
      • Persons that meet the general requirements as stated under 2 and
      • Persons that meet 1 or more of the criteria as formulated under 4.
    • Persons need to be nominated in writing or by e-mail by others, self-nominations will be considered ineligible.
    • A minimum of 10 persons of unblemished reputation (see 2) need to state support for the nomination. 
    • Nominees do not need to be an ICPS member to be eligible for this award.
  • General requirements of nominee
    • Nominees need to:
      • have made a positive impact on the field. 
      • have earned international recognition and respect by their peers.
      • have an unblemished reputation, not having been formally or plausibly connected to illegal activities like poaching, dealing/shipping, or collecting plants without the required paperwork and bad trading practices in general.
  • Annual Selection Process and Key Dates
    • Annually the ICPS Board will call for nominations via social media and CPN.
Activity Key Date
Direct entry applications open 1 March
Direct entry applications close 1 June
Announcement of award in CPN December issue
  • Criteria
    This award requires the applicant to meet at least 1 of the following criteria.

    • History of service
      • The nominee needs to have an international history of cumulative service to the carnivorous plant community of at least 20 years.
      • Service includes board and staff functions of international societies and working groups, as well as achievements in journalism and documentary making.
    • Significant scientific publications
      • The nominee needs to have published at least 5 scientific papers that go beyond the publication of a species.
      • As species are subject to constant renaming and reclassification these publications are regular occurrences. For this criterium papers need to address topics like systematic issues of a group of plants, chemical properties, insight in prey captures, symbiotic relationships, flora of a geographic area or habitat analysis.
    • Significant general publications
      • This criterium seeks to recognize the authors of significant books on carnivorous plants. To be considered significant a book needs to be commonly distributed to several countries thus excluding single country publications with only national significance. Authors need to have published at least 1 significant book on the subject by themselves or co-authored at least 3 significant books.
    • Significant creation of carnivorous plant art
      • This criterium seeks to recognize exceptionally talented artists involved with carnivorous plants. The art can include several forms like botanical illustrations, paintings, photography, and sculpting. There is not a minimum production for this category, the skill and realism of the art involved needs to convince the committee.
    • Significant contribution to trade and cultivation
      • This criterium seeks to recognize significant accomplishments in the trade and cultivation of carnivorous plants. This includes international dealers and individuals that pioneered the trade of carnivorous plants and/or made a significant contribution to the availability of carnivorous plants to the community. 
    • Committee decision
      • In the case of individuals that in the view of committee deserve this award but fail to meet any of the basic criteria completely the award can be granted by discretionary decision of the committee. A 2/3 majority of the participating judges is required.
  • Committee
    • The nominees will be judged by the extended ICPS board, consisting of all elected board members and key volunteers. They are considered a fair representation of those who are both knowledgeable and active in the field.


Carnivorous Plant Hall of Fame and Remembrance

  • The Carnivorous Plant Hall of Fame and Remembrance seeks to recognize those people that would have qualified for an ICPS Lifetime Achievement Award but are deceased. 
  • Candidates can be nominated by anyone, with no minimum to the number of people supporting the nomination.
  • Candidates are otherwise judged by the same standards as the nominees for the Lifetime achievement award.
  • Nominations and consideration of this award will follow the same timetable as the Lifetime Achievement Award.


ICPS Wall of Honor

  • The ICPS Wall of Honor seeks to recognize long term service given to the ICPS by individuals.
  • Candidates are (former) board members and key volunteers with at least 10 years of service to the ICPS.
  • Besides having an unblemished reputation and the minimum years of service there are no specific criteria for this award.
  • Selection and awarding are a discretionary decision of the committee and needs a 2/3 majority.
  • Nominations and consideration of this award will follow the same timetable as the Lifetime Achievement Award.