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Phillip J. Mann

Carnivorous Plant Hall of Fame and Remembrance

Phill Mann (1951-2014) was an enormous force in carnivorous plant horticulture and science from the 1970s until his passing. He was extremely active in West Australia, constantly exploring the native bush that teemed with carnivorous plants. He was responsible for discovering many plants new to science, publishing some with Latin names. And he wasn’t just a botanist…he knew the animals and geology equally well.

Phill was also active in carnivorous plant horticulture, pioneering many aspects of tissue culture at his nursery (Southern Carnivores), at a time when sterile cultivation was still very young in carnivorous plant horticulture.

Finally, and this cannot be understated, Phill Mann was a powerfully hospitable person. Every person who met him has tales of his unbounded generosity of time and effort, in being shown places in the wild he had discovered, of his friendship and kindness.

The plants Drosera mannii and Drosera huegelii var. phillmanniana were named in Phill’s honor.

Remembrances published in Carnivorous Plant Newsletter

  • In memory of Phillip James Mann (1951-2014) — Richard Nunn and Allen James Lowrie and Richard Sivertsen and Robert Gibson and Greg Bourke and Cindy Chiang and Rob Cantley and Diana Williams and Barry A. Rice and Elizabeth Salvia (PDF)


Drosera mannii. Photo by Richard Nunn.


Portrait of Phill Mann by Elizabeth Salvia. Photo by Elizabeth Salvia.

Phill Mann taking a photo of Drosera mannii. Photo by Marcel van den Broek.